Drink Soy Milk Deliciously

Contemporary Japan is flooded with many health foods. Meanwhile, soy milk is drawing attention, but do you drink soy milk? I think soy milk should be mixed with milk. ‥

I think that many people dislike soy milk. Milk is more popular than soy milk. Soybeans used for soy milk drinks in 2018 are 57,66 tons. And 362,794 KL of soy milk and other beverages were produced. In contrast to milk, in 2018, 7,289,227 tons of raw milk was produced. Milk is overwhelmingly popular. Perhaps this is because many people find the peculiar odor of soy milk to be bad. Below, I will quote from the website of the Food Analysis and Development Center. “Grinding destroys soybean cells, and lipoxygenase in soybeans acts on unsaturated fatty acids to produce lipid metabolites, which are intermediate metabolites. In addition, hydroperoxide lyase acts on these lipid peroxides. Aldehydes such as n-hexanal are produced, which is one of the causes of blue odor.” The problem is that lipoxygenase makes lipid peroxide. Therefore, soybean milk production that incorporates the step of inactivating the lipoxygenase, and studies on soybeans with a low lipoxygenase strain are underway. However, the current situation is that it has not yet spread. ‥

So I devised an easy and tasty way to drink soymilk. That is the method of mixing soy milk and milk. This method has been known for a long time. During the summer vacation, I devised it independently, but when I looked it up later, it was the method that was introduced on Cookpad :cooking website in Japan. ‥

But unadjusted soymilk is soybean solid content of 8% or more and soybean protein 3.8% or more, prepared soymilk is soybean solid content of 6% or more and soybean protein 3.0% or more, soymilk beverage is soybean protein 1.8%. As mentioned above, when the weight ratio of fruit juice is 5% or more, it means 0.9% or more. As a digression, unadjusted soymilk is often referred to as “adjusted” and prepared soymilk as “prepared.” ‥

The background of the invention is that soy milk is drawing attention. The shipment volume of soymilk and other beverages has increased rapidly since around 2000. Formulated soymilk is most often drunk, and soymilk was drained shortly before. I’m guessing that consumers are thinking this way, “Because unadjusted soymilk is hard to drink and soymilk drinks are like juice, so let’s drink prepared soymilk.” Certainly, soy milk drinks are a more enjoyable product than healthy drinks because they contain a lot of sugars, and excessive intake is undesirable. So which should we drink, soy milk or prepared soy milk? This is difficult. The bottom line is that you should drink unconditioned soy milk rather than prepared soy milk when possible. First of all, I would like to mention the benefits of unadjusted soy milk. According to the manufacturer, unconditioned soymilk is generally more nutritious. Both have almost the same calories, and fat, carbohydrate, and calcium are mostly prepared soy milk, and so-called “good” ingredients in soybean such as protein, magnesium, non-heme iron, and isoflavone are mostly unadjusted soy milk. On the other hand, the disadvantage of soy milk is that it is not tasty. Also, the advantages of prepared soy milk are that it is deliciously drinkable and that it contains more calcium than unadjusted soy milk. Disadvantages of prepared soy milk are that some prepared soy milk contains additives such as sweeteners, and its nutritional value is lower than that of unconditioned soy milk. ‥

It is better to drink unconditioned soy milk, but unconditioned soy milk is bad. I think you understand this situation. That is why it is essential to have a method that allows you to drink unconditioned soy milk in a delicious manner. ‥

Then what is good to drink soy milk and milk together? There are three major benefits. First, the mellowness of milk and the blue odor of soy milk are both suppressed while the mellowness of both is outstanding. In other words, it is delicious and easy to drink. Second, the protein absorption rate may increase. Diet Plus says that mixing soy milk with milk also improves protein absorption. Thirdly, the intake of calcium increases. Unregulated soy milk itself contains vegetable calcium, but as mentioned above, it is less than prepared soy milk. But as you know, milk contains 110 mg of calcium per 100 g. It is more than 7 times more than soy milk. By mixing milk and soy milk, it is possible to fully intake calcium. ‥

Thus, the method of mixing soy milk and milk is suitable for drinking soy milk. Why don’t you try to improve your own life? For example, try changing the mixing ratio of soy milk and milk, or make your own soy milk with inactivated lipoxygenase contained in soybeans. These can also be done at home. I’m sure you can drink delicious soy milk.